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6 tips to clean your plush toys

Author:Taihua Toys Co.Ltd Click: Time:2020-08-27 13:46:00

6 tips to clean your plush toys

Issuing time:2020-08-27 13:46Author:Emily

6 tips to clean your plush toys

1. If it is a small toy, before cleaning it, the place that easy to wear and tear should be glued with adhesive tape, and then it can be washed by hand or machine. If it is a large toy, before cleaning it, you should take out the internal filler first,   then stick the easy to wear place with adhesive tape. After cleaning, insert the filler, and finally shape and sew

2. It is particularly important to keep the interior of plush toys clean. You should form a good habit of cleaning plush toys on time. If you want to sterilize the fluff of plush toys, you can iron them with steam iron to make them clean and nontoxic.

3. If the toy has electronic components inside, you can remove the battery before cleaning.

4. If the plush toys are too hard to dry, or be afraid of washing out, they should be put in the sun for disinfection and sterilization.

5. In order to prevent the toys from getting damp, desiccant can be placed in the storage to fill the toys. Filling toys in the preservation to avoid overstocking, so as to avoid deformation and damage

6. Most of the plush toys can be washed directly. The water temperature below 30 degrees or cold water can be used. When some large plush toys can't be washed with water, we can dry clean them. Put them into big plastic bags, pour in coarse salt and seal the plastic bags tightly.




6 tips to clean your plush toys
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