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How to purchase plush toys scientifically for children?

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How to purchase plush toys scientifically for children?

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How to purchase plush toys scientifically for children?

Choose plush toys according to your child's age.

1. 0-2 years old

For 0-2-year-old children in their infancy, we should choose animals with exaggerated shapes, such as puppies with big heads and big eyes and small rabbits. Because at this time, children's thinking is immature and their discrimination ability is poor. What they need is toys with prominent shapes and bright colors. The best color of toys is pink or cream yellow, because children of this age are more sensitive to red and yellow color, which helps to enhance their attention. The size of the toy should not be too large, generally in the child's half of the body length can be, in order to facilitate the child to touch, grab and tease.

2. 3-6 years old

For 3-6 years old children in early childhood, the shape of the selected toys should be mainly realistic, so as to facilitate children's identification and increase knowledge. When choosing animal toys, it is better to characterize them so that children can have a deeper impression. For example, If you choose panda toys, they should be black and white, so that children know that this is the characteristics of pandas. Although there is a bear also has black and white color, but should not be selected for children, lest they have the illusion. It's better to take children to the zoo to see real animals, so as to increase their interest in plush toys. Of course, some exaggerated animals can be selected for children in this period, but this exaggeration must not be confused with real animals.

3. Over 6 years old

For little girls, they can also choose some feminized plush animals, such as a bear in a skirt, a rabbit in a bow, and so on, so that children can know that animals have gender differences. At the same time, we can also choose some complete sets of animal toys for mother and son, such as mother bear and baby bear, so as to enhance children's interest and life atmosphere. You can also choose some plush animal toys to wear clothes. You can even buy more sets of clothes. You can also let children sew or knit clothes for toys, and let children dress and wash clothes for toys, so as to cultivate their labor viewpoint.




How to purchase plush toys scientifically for children?
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