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Four Kinds of Plush Toy in Hot Selling

Issuing time:2019-05-07 08:17Author:Nancy

Four Kinds of Plush Toy in Hot Selling

We have touched with many kinds of customers and been asked what kinds of stuffed plush toys you have? It is hard to say what kinds of plush toys we have , but we can say we could produce all kinds of plush toys, because we are plush toys factory mainly for OEM and ODM service, you just give us your one sample or design, we could make it for you according to your requirements.

But we also could support some ideas about the plush toys for reference. At the moment we could find four kinds of plush toy in hot selling, as below:

1.According to the design, include animal plush toy and cartoon character plush toy

2. According to the length of fabric, include long hair plush toy and short hairt soft boa plush toy

3. According to the name of animal species., include bear plush toy and teddy bear plush toy

4. According to the stuffing, include the PP cotton plush toy, foam grain plush toy and memory foam plush toy.

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May 3rd, 2019

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