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5 ways for buyers to better observe the factory

Issuing time:2019-05-11 11:33Author:Sherry Hu

For a buyer, the most important point before placing an order to a supplier is how to choose a safe and secure supplier.

First of all, on-site observation for the factory is necessary. Below, 5 ways to let buyers better observe the factory?

1. On-site atmosphere

· At the scene, you can first visually see the truest employees' mental outlook. The high morale staff will be in stark contrast to the awkward and indifferent employees.

· Walking around the workshop, check whether there is a phenomenon of busyness   and unevenness. For example, when the machine is in automatic processing, the workers are doing nothing for a long time, or some workers at the station are waiting for materials for a long time.

·   You should pay attention to whether the light in the workshop is sufficient, whether the air circulation is smooth, whether there is any smell on the scene, whether the noise is too big, and whether the workshop is neat, because these will directly affect the workers'mood, which will affect the production efficiency and product quality.


2. Space utilization and layout

·   It is not the bigger the production workshop, the better, as long as the space utilization rate is high, the flow efficiency is high, the factory space is used reasonably. Then it is the best production workshop.

3. Site standardization

·   There should be many standards at the production site, including operation and quality standards, 5S and safety standards, operation and maintenance standards, process and rework standards, safety stock standards, and so on.


4. Quality control

·   On-site observation should focus on the way the factory handles defective products.   A good factory will expose the problem rather than cover up the defective products and waste.       

·   Traceability of work-in-process and semi-finished products can also be easily seen on site.     


·   The level of protection of the parts can be judged by the workers to determine the fineness of the quality management.

5. Tool device status

·   In a good factory, the equipment is clean and well maintained, and equipment-related information is clearly visible and up-to-date.

In the plush toy factory, important attention is paid to the management and control of the needles, as well as the detection methods.

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