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6 Plush Toy Safety Standards

Issuing time:2019-06-05 10:24Author:Nancy

6 plush toy safety standards

1, needle management

a, the manual needle must be placed on the fixed soft bag, can not be directly inserted in the toy, so that the person leaves the needle to pull out;

b, the broken needle must find another needle, and then the two needles are reported to the workshop team leader, in exchange for a new needle, the toy

that can not find the broken needle must passProbe seeker

c. Only one working needle can be sent for each manual. All steel tools should be placed in a uniform manner and should not be placed at will;

d. Correctly use the steel brush with bristles. After the bristles are finished, touch the bristles by hand.

2, the accessories on the toy body, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow ties, etc., may be taken down by the child (consumer) to swallow, dangerous,

Therefore, all accessories must be tightened and meet the tension requirements.

a, eyes, nose must withstand the tension of 21LBS;

b, ribbons, flowers, buttons must withstand the tension of 4LBS;

c. The post quality inspector must constantly test the tension of the above accessories, sometimes find problems and solve them together with the engineer

and the workshop;

3. All plastic bags for packaging toys must be printed with a warning and punched at the bottom to prevent the child from getting dangerous on the head.

4, all filaments, mesh must have warnings, age signs.

5. All fabrics and accessories of toys should not contain toxic chemicals, so as to avoid danger to children's tongues;

6. There should be no scissors, metal objects such as drill bits left in the package.



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