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13 precautions to complete the seam inspection of plush toy

Issuing time:2019-06-18 15:32Author:Nancy

13 precautions to complete the seam inspection of plush toy :

1. The opening of the sewn shall be not less than 1/8′′ of the not less than 3/16′′ small toy;

2. When sewing, the two pieces of fabric must be aligned and the mouth should be even. It is not allowed to be wide or narrow. (especially the sewing of

round and curved pieces and the seams of the face);

3. The stitch length of the sewn shall be not less than 9 stitches per inch;

4. There must be a return pin at the end of the sewing;

5. The sewing thread must be in accordance with the tensile requirements (see the previous QA test method) and the color is correct;

6. In the sewing, the turner must use the folder Deng to push the plush inward while sewing, to avoid the formation of bald bands;

7. For the sewing on the cloth label, first check whether the cloth label used is correct. It is not allowed to enter the text on the cloth label and the letter car.

The cloth label cannot be wrinkled and the position cannot be reversed;

8. When sewing, the two hands, the two feet, and the two ears must have the same hair direction and be symmetrical (except in special cases);

9. The midline of the toy head must be aligned with the centerline of the body, and the stitching line at the joint of the toy body must match. (except in

special circumstances).

10. It is not allowed to have the phenomenon of missing needles and jumping stitches on the sewing thread;

11. The sewn semi-finished products should be placed in a fixed position to avoid loss and soiling;

12. All cutting tools should be kept safely and cleaned up and down;

13. Comply with other customer requirements and requirements.



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