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Ten Precautions to Check Whether the Plush Toy is Qualified for Filling

Issuing time:2019-07-02 15:13Author:Nancy

A. The general requirement for filling cotton is that the image is full and soft to the touch;

B. Filling the cotton must meet the required weight, insufficient filling or unacceptable parts are not acceptable;

C. Pay attention to the filling of the head, and the cotton in the mouth must be strong, full and prominent;

D. The cotton filling in the corners of the toy body cannot be missed;

E. Where the standing toy, the four-legged cotton should be firm and powerful, and there should be no feeling of soft collapse;

F. All the toys that stand up, the buttocks and the waist are filled with cotton as the focus, so you must sit firmly. When you are

not stable, you should use a needle to pick cotton, otherwise you will not accept it;

G. Filling the cotton can not deform the toy, especially the position of the hands and feet, the angle of the head, and the direction;

H. The size of the toy after filling with cotton must be consistent with the signing, and it is not allowed to be smaller than the

signing. This is the key to checking the filling of cotton;

I. All cotton-filled toys must be checked and continually improved to strive for perfection. Any failure to comply with the

shortcomings of the signing is not acceptable;

J. If there is a blast at the time of filling the cotton, the phenomenon of unthreading is a non-conforming product.

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