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Seven  Requirements for Seam Bristles

Issuing time:2019-07-10 08:28Author:Nancy

Seven   Requirements for Seam Bristles

A. All seams must be tight and flat. No holes or holes are allowed. The inspection method can be inserted into the seam with

a ballpoint pen. It can't be inserted, and there is no gap outside the mouth.

B. The stitch length at the time of seaming is not less than 10 stitches per inch;

C. The knot knotted at the time of seaming shall not be exposed to the outside;

D. After the seam is not allowed, cotton is not allowed to seep out from the seam;

E. The bristles must be clean and thorough, and no bald bands are allowed. Special corners of the hands and feet;

F. When brushing thin plush, do not use too much force, so that the plush brush is broken;

G. When bristles, other objects (such as eyes and nose) cannot be damaged. When brushing around these objects, you must

cover them by hand and then brush them.



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