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6 principles to select early teaching Plush toy

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Principle 1: Compliance with age

Choosing a plush toy that matches the age is more likely to cause children's interest and curiosity, which has a very positive impact on the child's physical and mental development.

Principle 2: Meet children's interests

If the selected plush toys can't attract children's interest, even the best and most complete functions are useless. You can choose according to your child's preferences, but also follow the principles of age and diversity.

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Principle 3: Safety is important

Any toy needs to follow this principle. This is also the most important principle. If the toy is harmful to children, then it is better not to provide toys to the child. The selected toys must have a safety sign, and parents should know more about whether the raw materials of the toys are toxic.

Principle 4: Inspire children to choose creative toys

Inspiring children's play is the original intention of parents. Many of the reasons that are difficult to use voice expression can be easily solved by plush toys, so the choice of toys needs to be creative.

Principle 5: Diversification of toy functions

The function of the plush toy can not be single, the toy is versatile, and it can be flexibly changed to better stimulate the development of the child's potential.


Principle 6: Educational toys

It is the best way to educate your baby to get exercise in the center of play. Parents' traditional early education may cause children's dislike. Then choose an educational early education toy to solve these problems easily.

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