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Three kinds of common Plush fabrics

Issuing time:2019-08-07 08:52Author:Nancy

Three kinds of common Plush fabrics:

   A, A yarn (also known as ordinary yarn, BOA material), is divided into:

  There are light yarns: ordinary ones are generally shiny, and the yin and yang faces can be separated under different light directions.

Matte yarn: that is, matte, basically no yin and yang.

   B, V yarn (also known as special yarn, T-590, Vonnel) has a flat cut (Even Cut) and long and short hair (Uneven cut), hair length in the range of 4-20mm, is a mid-range material.

   C, Hipile (Shanghai style, plush): hair length in the range of 20-120mm, can be done in any length within 20-45mm range, only 65mm and 120 (110,) mm above 45mm, is long and short hair

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