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Two Steps in Metal Detection Testing

Issuing time:2019-08-13 08:44Author:Nancy

Two Steps in Metal Detection Testing

Metal Detector Test Instrumentation: Metal detector. Test range: For soft-filled toys (no metal fittings), in order to avoid harmful

metal objects hidden in toys, it will cause harm to users and improve safety. Test procedure: 1Detect the normal working state

of the metal detector—Place the small metal object equipped in the instrument in the metal detector, run the inspection, check

whether there is alarm sound and automatically stop the operation of the instrument, and prove that the metal detector can work

normally. Otherwise, it is an abnormal working state. 2 The detected objects are sequentially placed in the running metal detector.

If the instrument does not sound the alarm state and performs normal operation, it indicates that the detected object is a qualified

product; otherwise, if the instrument sounds an alarm and stops The normal working state indicates that the object to be tested

contains a metal object and is unqualified.



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