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What are the hidden dangers of inferior plush toys?

Issuing time:2020-08-27 14:02Author:Emily

What are the hidden dangers of inferior plush toys?

1. Easy to cause skin diseases

Some plush toys are three non-products, stuffed with poor quality cotton, which contains formaldehyde or other toxic and harmful substances. Children are easy to shed tears, cough and produce erythema after contact, and even lead to skin diseases and other problems. So parents must pay attention to it. Regular manufacturers should be selected for plush toys.

2.Bacterial infection

Plush toys are textile toys that children contact skin directly. The surface of plush toys is easily polluted and adsorbed by bacteria, dust and formaldehyde. Children may cause allergy and bacterial infection when playing and contacting, which is harmful to health and may cause respiratory tract inflammation and dermatitis. Parents must pay attention to it. Choose high-quality plush toys, clean and disinfect them in time to ensure safety.

3.Cause allergy and other problems.

The surface of some inferior plush electric toys is easy to hide dust, bacteria and formaldehyde, which can cause children's allergy, diarrhea, lung infection and other health problems when children play and contact. When you choose plush toys, you can open the package to see if there is a pungent smell. The officially qualified plush toys have no special smell. Check the internal fillers of plush toys to determine whether the fillings are safe and ensure that there are no inferior impurities. You can choose the easy to clean plush toys, clean and disinfect them in time, so that the baby can rest assured when playing.




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