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5 ways to store plush toys

Issuing time:2020-08-27 14:09Author:Emily

5 ways to store plush toys

Everyone who likes dolls must have a common trouble: many dolls can't be piled up at home. Many people think that the problem can be solved by buying a storage box, but it is not attractive to put a pile of dolls into it, and it can not really solve the problem. So how to use and store toys skillfully is also a knowledge. In order to help you solve this problem and take all my favorite dolls home, I have come up with several ways

1.Put it on the bed

It is the simplest way to put the dolls on the bed directly, which is suitable for the time when the quantity is not too much. But pay attention to the quality of plush toys. If it is easy to lose hair, it is not recommended to put it on the bed.

2.Using the shelf

Make a place on the shelf, which is specially used to place plush toys. It is easy to take and beautiful. However, dust accumulation will be more serious, it is better to use a feather duster every day, so as to save the trouble of washing plush toys regularly.

3.Wall storage

Nailed a few shelves on the wall of the room , the bare wall with doll's dress, also appears more warm and loving.

4.Set up Basket & Case

The simplest and most commonly used method is to put all the plush toys in a storage basket & box. The drawback is that it can't satisfy people's desire to display plush toys, and it will look messy.

5.Transparent storage

The most practical way is to use transparent materials to store items, such as cabinets with glass doors, photo frames, transparent cans and so on. On the one hand, it can be used as a display cabinet; on the other hand, it can separate dust.




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