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How to maintain plush toys?

Issuing time:2020-08-27 14:11Author:Emily

How to maintain plush toys?

As life gets better and better, every family will buy plush toys for their babies. However, many parents feel that their plush toys are not durable, and they always have holes in a few years, or else they are broken during cleaning. How to maintain plush toys? Do you need maintenance? Next, I will introduce some simple maintenance methods of plush toys for you.

1.Regular disinfection

Plush toys need our regular cleaning very much. If you want to disinfect the plush toys, we can disinfect the plush toys by means of irons, which can not only make the plush toys clean and hygienic, but also prolong the life of plush toys. Therefore, it is necessary to clean plush toys regularly.

2.Proper water temperature

Although many plush toys can be washed with water, the water temperature for cleaning will be indicated. Once we do not clean in accordance with the regulations, the softness of the plush toys will be damaged. Generally speaking, the water temperature can be controlled at 30 ~ 40 degrees (please clean according to the water temperature marked on the tag). Please be sure to clean according to the water temperature on the tag of plush toys to avoid unnecessary loss.

3. Classified cleaning

When cleaning plush toys, we should always clean dark and light colored toys separately. Don't mix them together and avoid staining. If it is a small toy, it can be washed by hand or by washing machine. If we choose to use the washing machine, we must pay attention to the use of soft washing mode to clean. In order to make the toy soft and fluffy, at the same time to avoid some strong detergent on the plush toy wool damage! For larger plush toys, please remove the internal filler before cleaning, and then dry them after cleaning, and then fill them with cotton before use.

4.Sunlight sterilization

Plush toys also need regular sunlight to eliminate the bacteria caused by humidity. But we should pay attention to the drying plush toys must not be placed in the strong sunlight, so as to avoid a series of problems such as discoloration of plush toys caused by exposure to the sun, or damage to the outer hair.

5.Keep the plush toys dry

In humid areas, in order to prevent the humidity of plush toys, desiccant can be placed during storage. Plush toys can be stored to avoid accumulation and damage.   




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