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Three uses of plush toys for children

Issuing time:2020-08-28 10:38Author:Emily

Three uses of plush toys for children

1. Soothing and comforting effect

For example, it's not easy for a baby to fall asleep. When you coax him to sleep, you can put a plush toy beside him, let him hold it or pat it, so as to calm the child's mood and let him relax. When a child has a plush toy, the child will think of the toy as his own family, and slowly listen to his secret, or obediently play a role assigned by the child. Or in a sense, plush toys have become the baby's first mirror, and he will project all his emotions onto it. When you see a child's rough behavior towards his favorite plush toys one day, it may be that he needs to express and vent his pressure and emotion. Don't stop him. Wait for him to vent, and then slowly communicate with him.

2. It is very important for children's language training

Children's favorite and will play a game - family. When children are playing, they will say something to the plush toys from time to time, just like "talking" with toys. Don't underestimate this communication mode. It gives children the opportunity to use language to express their meaning. At this time, if parents can participate in it and play with their children, they can not only induce him to speak more, but also guide him in the use of words and expression skills, so as to strengthen his ability to master the use of language.

3. Good for children's sensory development

Plush toys can encourage children to touch the world with their senses. For example, colorful toys can stimulate their vision, clear and pleasant sounds can stimulate their hearing, and soft and elastic internal fillers can stimulate their sense of touch and help them to cooperate with the reactions of various senses on their bodies to contact and recognize everything in the world. Different plush toys are effective tools to help children understand the world.




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